• IAESP Membership Benefits        IAESP

    You’re Proud to Be a Principal; IAESP and NAESP are Proud to be Your Partners.



    IAESP members enjoy the following benefits:


    ·       Professional Development - IAESP members receive discounts to attend the IASA Summer Leadership Conference, Project Leadership and other IASA-sponsored workshops and trainings.

    ·       Legal Advice and Referral - As a division of the IASA, IAESP members are eligible to receive $300 in legal assistance for contract-related matters; NAESP offers an additional benefit of up to $10,000, based on years of continuous NAESP membership.

    ·       Leadership Opportunities - IAESP members serve on state committees that address the issues impacting public school education in Idaho.  IAESP board members have the opportunity to attend NAESP events.

    ·       Communication - IAESP members stay in the loop regarding education issued through regular emails and publications, including Perspectives magazine, IASA Prism newsletter, and weekly Legislative Updates during the session.  Through the IASA, the issues that matter most to you are shared with member superintendents, special education administrators, and secondary principals.

    ·       Legislative Voice - The IAESP devotes significant time and resources to advocacy activities.

    ·       Peer Networking - Regular regional meetings provide you with the opportunity to discuss issues that are relevant to you, to seek advice, and to brainstorm solutions.

    ·       Recognition of Excellence - An outstanding elementary principal is selected to represent the state of Idaho in the NAESP's National Distinguished Principal program, and additional recognition is provided through the IAESP's Gem Awards program.

    ·       Unified association with the NAESP - IAESP members also belong to the National Association of Elementary School Principals. which provides additional resources and communication:

    1.       Award Winning Publications

    2.       Professional  Networks

    3.       Career Support

    4.       Professional Standards

    5.       Research and Surveys

    6.       Promising Practices

    7.       Volunteer and Leadership Opportunities

    8.       On-Demand Insight

    9.       Recognition for Professional Excellence

    10.   Reward Student Excellence

    11.   Discounts for NAESP members: 

    1.       Professional Development

    2.       Resources and Services

    3.       Career Advancement

    4.       Enhanced Purchasing Power


    Membership runs from July 1st to June 30th of each year and is renewed annually.


    The cost for a membership to IAESP is $665.00.  Payment options:  District checks, personal checks, credit cards and payroll deduction. 
    You can purchase or renew your membership on the IASA website:  www.idschadm.org or by calling the office (208) 345-1171.